Q1. What types of images would you like posted on this site?A1. We would like images of decorated interiors. Submission of supplementary images of details within a decorated interior are encouraged with the overall room composition. For example, if you submit an image of Chelsea Market, please feel free to also include images of the furniture and wall treatments used in the interior.

Q2. What is the appropriate file format for photo submissions?A2. We like high quality images, however, the site will not accept images larger than 4 Megabytes. Please upload the highest resolution possible that is no larger than 4 Megabytes.

Q3. My pictures did not post to the site. What should I do?A3. There are several reasons your photo may not post. In general, photos saved in the wrong format may not post to the site. In addition, the InsideInside site administrator reserves the right to reject submissions that do not support the site’s mission. Contact us at: insideinsidearchive@gmail.com

Q4. What information belongs in the Related Websites category?A4. Include the source of the image you are submitting (preferably the official
site of the interior if it is overseen by an organization). For example, Wikipedia may post images of Versailles, but we prefer that you list the official Versailles website in the Related Websites category.

Q5. How should I tag images?A5. We are working to include tags in the future. If you would like to submit Tags for our consideration, please send them to: insideinsidearchive@gmail.com.

Q6. How do I determine an image’s period classification?A6. If you are uncertain of your image’s period classification (i.e. Neoclassical, Art Deco, etc.) consult the tagging guide. You may also leave that information blank. In cases where you must add an entry, such as Time Period, make your best guess and make a note in the image information section that the date needs to be verified.

Q7. What should I do if my interior image fits under more than one category?A7. Select all categories that describe your image.

Q8. Can I e-mail you my pictures?A8. We strongly suggest that you upload your images to the site. If you are having trouble uploading images, please send your images and website source information to the site administrator at: insideinsidearchive@gmail.com.

Q9. Who may post to the site?A9. We invite posts from anyone interested in interior design. The goal of the INSIDE INSIDE website is to organize a resource platform for the study of interior spaces. We are committed to the notion that interiors deserve critical study; inclusive of all elements that together create habitable space. This site aims to support a deeper appreciation of how we compose the spaces where we live and work. With access to historical, global and speculative examples, this interactive digital archive encourages the understanding of comparative and multi-cultural aesthetic norms that are inevitably expressed through interior composition.

Q10. May I use images from this site?A10. We hope that this site informs your studies. If you wish to use an image you see on this site, please contact the image source and request permission to use the image.

Q11. I would like to offer feedback or suggestions about the website. Who should I contact?A11. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please direct all inquiries and correspondence to: insideinsidearchive@gmail.com.