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Johanne Woodcock: Founder, Project Director

Sarah Lichtman: Senior Leadership Advisory Board

Jennifer  Cohlman Bracchi: Advisory Board Library Specialist

Faculty Collaborators: Adeboyega Adefope, Cotter Christian, Nadia Elrokhsy, Michele Gorman, Lorraine Karafel, Anezka Sebek, Yu Nong Khew, Alfred Zollinger

Maria Alcira Gonzalez: Design

Saman Tehrani: Web Developer

Research Assistants:  Brooke Lofgren and Madina Masimova

We also wish to acknowledge the support of previous staff: A J. Kushner, Christian Meldrum, Tanya Sanjay Puri, Anna Ingram, Olivia Grochmal, Nia Mar, Marissa Giblin, Ayushi Jain, Kruthika Maddipoti, Tommy Yang, Jason Agyekum, Jacqueline Stone,Cindy Hernandez, Molly Martien, Jeffrey McCullough, Kayli Rideout, Rachel Cassiman, Julia Pelkofsky, Carolina Valdes-Lora, Sarah Mallory,Marlena Matute, Rita Ostrova, Lien Tran, Scot Weir, Wenting Zhang and Andrea Bradshaw.

The Insideinside Project gratefully acknowledges support from the SCE Deans,
Parsons School of Design,
and The New School.