Kevin McNamara

A New York city based interior designer, Kevin McNamara worked for the firms McMillen and Parish-Hadley before establishing his own firm in 1975. McNamara died in 2005.

A 1992 inductee into Interior Design Magazine's Hall of Fame, McNamara's bio for that publication reads:

" For more than 40 years Kevin McNamara was practicing a mysterious and unique concoction of design and decoration for a clientele residing in cities all around the country. His, or rather his clients', interiors can be found in New York, Washington, Chicago, Palm Beach and in the resort communities of Connecticut and Long Island.
McNamara's particularly potent approach to creating gracious living spaces was one that edged toward opulence but eschewed the merely glamorous. He blithely managed to implement interiors that both suited and flattered each individual client. As he proudly noted, "We are not in the business of designing museum spaces, but living spaces which provide our clients with warm and personalized, yet sophisticated, retreats from the outside world. Our goal is to create spaces that reflect the taste and high standards which our clients exhibit in all aspects of their professional and personal lives."
Of course superb training, in his case during extended periods as a design associate first with McMillen & Co. and subsequently with Parish-Hadley, only served to provide a superior foundation for a successful design business which extended beyond a landmark 15th year. He founded his namesake New York-based firm in 1975."