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Johanne Woodcock: Founder, Project Director

Sarah Lichtman: Advisory Board

Anezka Sebek: Advisory Board

Jennifer  Cohlman Bracchi: Advisory Board Library Specialist

Maria Alcira Gonzalez: Design

Saman Tehrani and Jason Agyekum: Web Developers

Jacqueline Stone: Historian

Kruthika Maddipoti: Historian

Tommy Yang: Historian

Cindy Hernandez: Historian

We also wish to acknowledge the support of previous staff: Molly Martien, Jeffrey McCullough, Kayli Rideout, Rachel Cassiman, Julia Pelkofsky, Carolina Valdes-Lora, Sarah Mallory, Marlena Matute, Rita Ostrova, Lien Tran, Scot Weir, Wenting Zhang and Andrea Bradshaw.

The Insideinside Project gratefully acknowledges support from
Parsons School of Design,
and The New School.