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Yucatan House, São Paulo, Brazil (2009)*

Artist/Designer: Isay Weinfeld

Project Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Figure 1:   ( Source | Accessed : October 31, 2016 | Photographer: Leonardo Finotti )
Figure 2 ( Source | Photographer: Leonardo Finotti )
Figure 3 ( Source | Photographer: FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura )


Primary Material(s):
Glass, Wood, Concrete, Plants, Water, Brick

Residential Structure

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Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:

Reindeer, Natacha. “Isay Weinfeld: Communicating the Difference in Architecture,” 2007.

Ryder, Bethan. “Profile: Isay Weinfeld.” Design Week 21, no. 18 (May 4, 2006): 13.

Building Address: Jardim America, São Paulo, Brazil

Significant Dates: Beginning of Project: April 2006, Completion: August 2009

Supporting Staff/ Designers:
Collaborator: Domingos Pascali

Project Manager: Elena Faria Scarabotolo

Team: Elisa Canjani, Fausto Natsui, Marina Capocchi, Marcelo Alvarenga

Tags: History and Interiors, Nature and Interiors, Landscape, São Paulo, Brazil, Contemporary, 2009, Concrete, Brick, Wood, Water, Plants, Glass, Residental Structure

A house for a couple of art collectors and their children.
The home is made up of seven box-like structures — all different sizes and all made of different finishes — and was distributed asymmetrically on the land.

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