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Sistine Hall, Vatican Library (1475) *

Artist/Designer: Domenico Fontana

Project Location: Italy

Figure 1: Sistine Hall. Source: Anne Frandi-Coory, Islam, Christianity & the Vatican Library. 2010, Digital Image. ( Source | Photographer: Anne Frandi-Coory )
Figure 2: Sistine Hall. Source: Steffan, The Sistine Hall of the Vatican Library. 2009, Digital Image. ( Source | Photographer: Steffan )
Figure 3: Sistine Hall. Source: Filip Demuinck, The Vatican Library, the Sistine Hall and the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo. 2012, Digital Image. ( Source | Photographer: Filip Demuinck )
Figure 4: Sistine Hall. Source: Splendor1618, The Vatican Library, One of the Best in the World Will Digitize its Archives & Put Them Online. 2014, Digital Image. ( Source | Photographer: Filip Demuinck )
Figure 5: Sistine Hall. Source: Daniel Schwade, Vatican Library Ceiling Detail. 2009, Digital Image. ( Source | Photographer: Daniel Schwade )


Primary Material(s):
Stone, Plaster, Wood, Fresco


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Significant Date(s):
16th Century, 4th Century, 1475

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:

Murray, Stuart. The Library: An Illustrated History. New York: Skyhorse Pub., 2009.

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Building Address: VATICAN LIBRARY Cortile del Belvedere V-00120 Vatican City

Significant Dates: Construction Dates goes back to the (4th Century)
Official Establishment (1475)

Supporting Staff/ Designers: N/A

Tags: Italian Interiors, Italian Chapels, Frescoes, Arch Corridors, Interior Corridors

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