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TESSERAE Interior Design


Project Location: Outer Space

Figure 1: TESSERAE Interior ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 2: TESSERAE Interior ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 3: TESSERAE Interior ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 4: Artist's Depiction of TESSERAE
at Scale, in Orbit around Mars
( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 5: TESSERAE Assembly Concept ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )

No Style/Period Assigned.

Primary Material(s):
No Primary Material Assigned.

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Significant Date(s):
21st Century, 2019

Additional Information:
Publications, Texts in Print:
Ekblaw, Ariel, David Zuniga, Keith Crooker, and Joseph Paradiso. "Self-Assembling and Self-Regulating Space Stations: Mission Concepts for Modular, Autonomous Habitats." 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems, July 2021.
Ekblaw, A. and Paradiso, J.A., "Self-assembling Space Architecture: tessellated shell structures for space habitats," In AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum, Smart/Adaptable Deployable Structures (p. 0481).
Ekblaw, Ariel. "Self-Aware Self-Assembly for Space Architecture: Growth Paradigms for In-Space Manufacturing." PhD diss., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020.
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Liberty, Janine. "Rhapsody in Zero G. MIT Media Lab." November 21, 2017.
"TESSERAE: Self-Assembling Space Architecture." MIT Media Lab.

Significant Dates:
Won AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee 2019/2020 BEST PROFESSIONAL PAPER for: Ekblaw, Ariel, Anastasia Prosina, Dava Newman, and Joseph Paradiso. "Space Habitat Reconfigurability: TESSERAE platform for self-aware assembly." 30th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SPACE AND SOCIETY (Space Architecture: Habitats, Habitability, and Bases). Proceedings of the IAF International Astronautical Congress 2019.

space tourism, space exploration, outer space, mit, low earth orbit

Supporting Staff, Designers:
Team: Ariel Ekblaw, Anastasia Prosina
Client: MIT Media Lab

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