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Show Room, Amazon Theatre (1896)*

Artist/Designer: Antonio Jose Fernandes Júnior

Project Location: Brazil

Figure 1: Unknown, Teatro Amazonas Entry. Source: Rodrigo Baleia. 2013, Digital Image. ( Source )
Figure 2: Unknown, Teatro Amazonas Ceiling. Source: Photographer Unknown. Year Unknown, Digital Image. ( Source )
Figure 3: Unknown, Teatro Amazonas Chairs. Source: Lula Sampaio. Year unknown, Digital Image. ( Source )
Figure 4: Unknown, Teatro Amazonas Theater. Source: Photographer Unknown. Year Unknown, Digital Image. ( Source )

Revival Styles

Primary Material(s):
Ceramic, Steel, Wood, Paint

Government, Concert Hall

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Significant Date(s):
19th Century

Additional Information:
This is an opera house located in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. It was architected by Celestial Sacardim and after 15 years of construction and 4 years of decoration, it was inaugurated on December 31, 1896. Seating capacity is 701 people.

Publications/Texts in Print-

Mindlin, Henrique E. Brazilian Architecture. Rome: Brazilian Embassy, 1965.

Monteiro, Mário Ypiranga. 2003. Teatro Amazonas. Manaus: Valer Editora, 2003.

Valladares, Clarival do Prado. Renovation and restoration of the Teatro Amazonas. Manaus: Governo do Estado do Amazonas, 1974.

Additional Information

Building Address

Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro, Centro, Manaus - AM, 69025-140, Brazil

Significant dates
Plans first proposed by architect in 1881
State legislature approved project in 1882
Construction began in 1884
Constructed with halts between 1885-1892
Inagurated on December 31st, 1896

Supporting Designers/Architect
Celestial Sacardim -lead designer and architect

Brazilian Architecture, Opera houses, theatres, Brazil, Manaus, Renaissance Revival, Revival Style

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