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“Stardust Memories” Interior (1980)

Artist/Designer: Woody Allen, Robert Greenhut, Charles H. Joffe, Jack Rollins, Gordon Willis, Mel Bourne, Steven Jordan, Michael Molly

Project Location: New Jersey

Figure 1: Sandy Bates (Woody Allen) discusses his problems before a photomural of Eddie Adams's General Nguyên Ngoc Loan Executing Ngyên Van Lém in Saigon. Photo by Picturelux/The Hollywood Archieve/Alamy Stock Photo ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2022 | Photographer: Photo by Picturelux/The Hollywood Archieve/Alamy Stock Photo )


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Residential Structure, Entertainment, Film/TV Set

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Kirkham, Pat, Sarah A. Lichtman, and Timothy M Rohan. “From Sex to Narcissism: Understanding Ninimalist Interiors in New York Films of the 1970s.” Essay. In Screen Interiors: From Country Houses to Cosmic Heterotopias, 125–41. London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021.

The term was coined by Tom Wolfe in his article “The ‘Me’ Decade and the Thrid Great Awakening,” New York Magazine, August 23, 1972, 26-40.

For example of the art world’s recognition of Bennett, see the article that Art in America commissioned short-story writer Jean Stafford to write about Bennett and his apartment: Jean Stafford, “Profile: Ward Bennett,” Art in America 54, no.6 (November-December 1966):44-7.

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Building Address: 21 Pilgrim Pathway, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756, 205 Jumping Brook Rd, Neptune City, NJ 07753, Asbury Park (New Jersey, USA), Belmar (New Jersey, USA), Deal (New Jersey, USA), Hoboken (New Jersey, USA), Neptune City (New Jersey, USA), and Ocean Grove (New Jersey, USA).

Significant Dates: Released on September 26, 1980

Supporting Staff/ Designers: Woody Allen (Writer, Producer), Robert Greenhut (Producer), Charles H. Joffe (Producer), Jack Rollins (Producer), Gordon Willis (Cinematography), Mel Bourne (Production Designer), Steven Jordan (Set Designer), Michael Molly (Art Director)

Tags: Minimalist, all-white walls, neo-liberal city

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