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Soundscape Architecture (2014)*

Artist/Designer: Karen Van Lengen

Project Location: New York, United States

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Primary Material(s):


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Significant Date(s):
20th Century

Additional Information:
Building Address
Multiple projects: Seagram Building, NYPL 42nd Street, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, The Guggenheim

Significant Dates
Project began in 2014, on-going project

Supporting Designers/Staff

Worthy Martin IATH (Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities) and Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Virginia
James Welty Artist, Charlottesville, VA
Troy Rogers Musician and Lecturer in Music, University of Virginia
Robbie Bingler IATH, University of Virginia
Lauren Massari IATH, University of Virginia
Shayne Brandon IATH, University of Virginia
Roderick Cruz BS Architecture student, University of Virginia
Alan Ford MArch Student, School of Architecture, University of Virginia
Harsh Jain MArch Student, School of Architecture, University of Virginia
Leigh Wilkerson Graphic Designer
Phil Cohen Maya Consultant, School of Medicine, University of Virginia

Soundscapes, sound-based architecture, sound installations, contemporary

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