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Sala del Mappamondo – Villa Farnese, Caprarola, Italy (1573-1575)

Artist/Designer: Giacomo Barozzi Vignola

Project Location: Italy

Figure 1: Perspective View ( Source | Accessed : February 23, 2022 | Photographer: Lucia Fantasia )
Figure 2: View of Map ( Source | Accessed : February 23, 2022 | Photographer: Roberto Marinoni )
Figure 3: Layout of painted map scene ( Source | Accessed : March 24, 2022 | Photographer: Loren Partridge )
Figure 4: Exterior View of the Villa ( Source | Accessed : March 24, 2022 | Photographer: Livioandronico )


Primary Material(s):

Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
16th Century, 1573, 1574, 1575

Additional Information:
Also known as "Villa Caprarola"

Publications/Texts in Print:

Coffin, David R. The Villa in the Life of Renaissance Rome. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1979: 281-285.

De Wesselow, Thomas. "The'wall of the Mappamondo': The Trecento Decoration of the West Wall of the Sala Del Mappamondo in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena." PhD diss., Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London), 2000.

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Building Address: Piazza Farnese, 1, 01032 Caprarola VT, Italy

Patron: Cardinal Alessandro Farnese

Significant Dates: Built 1559 by Vignola, Maps painted by the artist Giovanni Antonio da Varese

Associated Buildings by Vignola: Villa Giulia, Villa Lante, and Chiesa del Gesù.

Associated Projects: Scala Regia- Villa Farnese and Room of Hercules - Villa Farnese

Tags: Renaissance, Villa

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