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Classroom, Vantoux Primary School (1950)*

Artist/Designer: Jean Prouvé

Project Location: Nice, France

Figure 1: Vantoux Primary School. Source: Nils Peters, Jean Prouve: Modern Craftsmanship. 2009, Digital Image. Available from Polis. Reproduction from Nils Peter book 'Jean Prouve 1901- 1964' Publisher Taschen 2017 ( Source | Accessed : November 11, 2013 )


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Significant Date(s):
20th Century, 1950

Additional Information:
Project Description:
The Ventoux Primary School, completed in 1950, is a prototype of one-room school intended for small rural towns. Prouvé designed the school to be industrially produced, as a prefabricated building. The classroom is large enough for flexible use, a smaller room is available for individualized instruction, and covered porches delineate the space for outdoor learning. Walls with large windows provide plenty of light and connect the indoors with the environment. The component parts of the building were made in Prouvé's Parisian workshop, shipped on location, and assembled with simple tools.

Publications/Texts in Print:
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Building Address:
90 Rue Jean Julien Barbe, 57070 Vantoux, France

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