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Residence, Palazzo Rosso (1677)*

Artist/Designer: Pietro Antonio Corradi, Domenico Paola

Project Location: Italy

Figure 1: Pietro Antonio Corradi, Ceiling. Source: Redazione, Genoa – Ceiling of Palazzo Rosso. 2013, Digital Image. Available from: Portofino News. ( Source | Accessed : May 9, 2013 )
Figure 2 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 3 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 4 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 5 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 6 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 7 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )

Baroque, Renaissance

Primary Material(s):
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Exhibition, Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
17th Century, 1677

Additional Information:
Project Description:
Genoa abounds in gorgeous palaces and one of them, the Palazzo Rosso, (the Red Palace) which was built in the early 17th century, offers a superb example of Baroque ceiling paintings and illusionistic wall paintings.
The scene of Autumn on the image shown here is by Domenico Paola (1627-1703) and typifies the baroque taste with many cherubs and an exuberant theatricality.
The wall paintings of animals and architectural details are memorable examples of baroque trompe l'oeil imagery (i.e. "fool the eye" or "mistake the eye.") The aesthetic is not new. The Romans loved this illusionistic style of painting.

Publications/Texts in Print:
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Building Address:
Via Garibaldi, 18, 16124 Genova GE, Italy

Significant Dates:
1671-1677: Constructed
The Brignole Sale family owned the palace until 1874.

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