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Classroom, Mt. Zion One-Room Schoolhouse (1869)*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: Maryland, United States

Figure 1: Mt. Zion One-Room Schoolhouse. Digital Image. Available from Mt. Zion One Room School Museum,. ( Source | Accessed : November 11, 2013 )

Vernacular, Restored

Primary Material(s):

Classroom, Education

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Significant Date(s):
19th Century, 1869

Additional Information:
Product Description:
Mt. Zion One-Room Schoolhouse was built in 1869 and used until the school closed in 1931. The classroom was heated by the wood- or coal-fired potbelly stove that the teacher would light up every morning before the children came in. Mt. Zion school seems to have served a relatively well-off rural community. It is furnished with wooden desks on cast iron supports, shelves and cupboards, books, a portrait of George Washington, and reproductions of famous historical paintings. Here, students of mixed grade levels were likely taught the basics: reading, writing, history, mathematics, and elementary science. When buses became widely available between 1920s and 1930s, students from rural areas were transported to large, consolidated schools with better facilities and better quality instruction.

Publications/Text in Print:
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Building Address:
3816 Old Furnace Road, Snow Hill, MD 21863
The United States

Significant Dates:
1869- Built.
1964- Opened to the public as a museum.

schoolhouse, school, classroom, education, Maryland, Mt. Zion, 19th century

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