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Mir Space Station


Project Location: Outer Space

Figure 1: MIR Space Station from Endeavour during STS-89 ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 2: Design outlining the location of the name 'Mir' on the space station's outer surface, 1980. Courtesy of the Galina Balashova Archives ( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )
Figure 3: Left: final emblem marking the cooperation with Afghanistan. Right: final interior designs for the cabin of the Mir space station, 1980. Courtesy of the Galina Balashova Archives

( Source | Accessed : May 24, 2022 )

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Significant Date(s):
20th Century, 1986

Additional Information:
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Significant Dates:
March 14, 1986 - June 15, 2000: MIR supported human habitation in Earth Orbit.
January 1994- March 1995: MIR cosmonaut-physician Valery Polyakov set an endurance record of 438 continuous days in space.
March 1987: Kvant 1 module launch
November 1989: Kvant 2 module launch
May 1990: Kristall module launch
May 1995: Spektr module launch
April 1996: Priroda module launch

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