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Merchants Exchange Building, San Francisco, California(1904)*

Artist/Designer: Julia Morgan

Project Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Figure 1: Details of Ceiling ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )
Figure 2: Room and Ceiling ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )
Figure 3: Painting ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )
Figure 4: Detail of stairwell. ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )
Figure 5: View of Glass Ceiling ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )
Figure 6: Marble Hallway ( Source | Accessed : October 11, 2016 )


Primary Material(s):
Stone, Wood, Steel, Paint


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Significant Date(s):
20th Century, 1900-1909, 1904

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:
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Building Address: 465 California St, San Francisco, CA 94104

Significant Dates: Building was completed in 1904; its steel frame helped it to survive the 1906 earthquake. 1995 the Commercial Club on the building's fifteenth floor was renamed the Julia Morgan Ballroom following renovations.

Supporting Staff/ Designers: Daniel Burnham, Willis Polk
Mural Painter: William Coulter

Tags: Art and Interiors, History and Interiors, San Francisco, California, 20th Century, Stone, Wood, Paint, Steel, Government

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