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Katsura Imperial Villa (1620), Zashiki and Tatami

Artist/Designer: Kobori Enshu

Project Location: Kyoto, Japan

Figure 1: Katsura Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan ( Source | Accessed : January 4, 2017 )
Figure 2: Katsura Imperial Palace ( Source | Accessed : January 4, 2017 )
Figure 3: Katsura Floor Plan ( Source | Accessed : January 4, 2017 )
Figure 4: men making tatami 1860
Figure 5: Zashiki interior - reading room with tatami mat floor
Figure 6: tatami ( Source | Accessed : January 4, 2017 )


Primary Material(s):

Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
13th Century, 17th Century

Additional Information:
Katsura Imperial Villa 17th Century, Kyoto,Japan
Rooms completely spread with tatami came to be known as zashiki (座敷, lit., room spread out for sitting), and rules concerning seating and etiquette determined the arrangement of the tatami in the rooms.[3] It is said that prior to the mid-16th century, the ruling nobility and samurai slept on tatami or woven mats called goza (茣蓙), while commoners used straw mats or loose straw for bedding.[4]

The Kamakura period (鎌倉時代 Kamakura jidai?, 1185–1333

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