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“John and Mary” Interior (1969)

Artist/Designer: John Mortimer, Mervyn Jones, Ben Kadish, Gayne Rescher

Project Location: New York, New York

Figure 1: Mary (Mia Farrow) learns about John (Dustin Hoffman) from the objects displayed on the shelf in his apartment. © 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2022 | Photographer: © 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation. )

Contemporary, Modern, Minimalism

Primary Material(s):
Glass, Fabric, Textile, Wood, Paper, Light, Color

Residential Structure, Entertainment, Film/TV Set

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Significant Date(s):
1960, 1969, 1970

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:
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Building Address: 52 Riverside Drive (between West 77th and 78th Street) Manhattan.

Significant Dates: Released on December 14, 1969.

Supporting Staff/ Designers: Peter Yates (Director), John Mortimer (Writer), Mervyn Jones (Writer), Ben Kadish (Producer), Gayne Rescher (Cinematography).

Tags: Minimalist interior, all-white apartment interior, Ward Bennett's, Modernism,

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