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Breakfast Room, David Hicks House, St Leonard’s Terrace, London, England (1970)

Artist/Designer: David Hicks

Project Location: France

Figure 1: Breakfast Room, St Leonards's Terrace, London, 'David Hicks House. Photo from Ashley Hicks 'David Hicks: Designer'. Scriptum Editions, 2003 pg 102, and Ashley Hicks.' David Hicks: a Life of Design'. Rizzoli, 2009. ( Source | Accessed : May 15, 2013 )
Figure 2: Alan Veteres Apartment, NY, 'David Hicks, Designer', page 148 and Ashley. David Hicks: a Life of Design. Rizzoli, 2009. ( Source | Accessed : May 15, 2013 )
Figure 3: David Hicks' Curtain and Bedding Fabric Design for American Manufacturer 1960 JOURNAL ARTICLE
Journal of the Royal Society of Arts
Vol. 124, No. 5236 (MARCH 1976), pp. 181-192 (12 pages)
Published by: Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce page 187.
( Source | Accessed : May 15, 2013 )

Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern

Primary Material(s):
Fabric, Textile, Color

Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
20th Century, 1960, 1970

Additional Information:
Publications in Print:

A. Hicks: David Hicks: A Life of Design (New York, 2009)

H.-J. Bonellie: The Status Merchants: The Trade of Interior Decoration (South Brunswick, NY, and London, 1972), pp. 45–6

Hicks, David, and Jenkins, Nicholas. Living with Design. New York: Morrow, 1979.

Hicks, Ashley, and David Hicks. David Hicks: Designer. Scriptum Editions, 2003

HICKS, DAVID. "DESIGN IN INTERIOR DECORATION." Journal of the Royal Society of Arts 124, no. 5236 (1976): 181-92.

Additional Information

Building Address

Supporting Designers/Staff

Significant Dates:
American Manufactures Sheets: three greens on white ground (1960)
Interior Bedroom with Hicks Textile (1970)

Hicks, David. “Design in Interior Decoration.” Vol. 124, no. 5236, 1976, pp. 181–192.,photo page 187 Accessed 18 Sept. 2018.

Associated Projects:Alan Veteres Apartment NY, NY

Tags: Patterns, Prints, Tablescapes, Interior Decoration, Product, Science, Bedding, Curtain Design, Fabric Design

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