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Imam Mosque (1629)*

Artist/Designer: Architect- Shaykh Bahai

Project Location: Iran

Figure 1: Unknown, Imam Mosque. Source: Awatif - Laptop Awatif. 2012. Digital photograph. ( Source | Accessed : April 6, 2014 )
Figure 2: Thomas Lauer, Esfahan. Source: Thomas Lauer. 2006. Digital photograph. ( Source | Accessed : April 6, 2014 )
Figure 3: Monfie, Imam Mosque 3D. Source: Monfie. 2013. Digital photograph. ( Source | Accessed : April 6, 2014 )


Primary Material(s):

Religious Building

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Significant Date(s):
17th Century

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print-

Cantacuzino, Sherban, and Kenneth Browne. Isfahan. London: Architectural Press, 1976.

Sadria, Madjid Méran. The Permanent Constitutive Components of City Architecture: Isfahan as The Case of Study. Copenhagen: The Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 1992.

Stierlin, Henri. Islamic Art and Architecture: from Isfahan to the Taj Mahal. London: Thames et Hudson, 2009.

Additional Information

Building Address

Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan 81464, Iran

Significant Dates
Capital moved during Persian empire from Qazvin to the central city of Isfahan in 1598
Groundbreaking on land in 1611
Completed in 1629
Repaired in 1662

Supporting Designers/Staff

Abu'l Qāsim, architect to Shah
Reza Abbasi: Overlooked project construction

Islamic Architecture, Mosque, Iran, 17th Century

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