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Hotel Russell, London(1900)*

Artist/Designer: Charles Fitzroy Doll

Project Location: London, United Kingdom

Figure 1 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 2 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 3 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )
Figure 4 ( Photographer: Lorella Brocklesby )


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Significant Date(s):
19th Century

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Publications/Texts in Print:

“The Hotel Russell, Russell Square, London.” 1901. Architectural Review 9, 1901.

“Hotel Russell, Russell Square, London, Eng. : C.F. Doll, Archt.” American Architect & Building News 24, 1900.

“Doll’s Palace.” Architectural Review 140 (December): 451–54. 1966.

Building Address: Russell Square, London,UK

Significant Dates: 1900

Style/Period(s): Renissance

Supporting Staff/ Designers: Charles Fitzroy Doll

Tags: Historic Hotels, London, Russell Square, Charles Fitzroy Doll

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