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Hakon Hall,Bergenhus Fortress (1240)*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: Bergen, Norway

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Significant Date(s):
13th Century

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print-
Kavli, Guthorm. Norges festninger fra Fredriksten til Vardøhus. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1987.
Kavli, Guthorm. Norwegian Architecture. Oslo: Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 2001.
Kavli, Guthorm. "How Norway's art treasures survived". Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs / Ed. Benedict Nicolson 87. 1945, 254-257.

Additional Information

Building Address:

Bergenhus Festning, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Significant Dates:

Built between 1247 and 1261

Site of wedding of Prince Magnus Håkonsson Lagabøte to the Danish princess Ingeborg in 1261

Fire damage in 1266.

Lost status as royal residency in 1299.

Captured and burnt by Victual Brothers in 1429.

Hall rebuilt in mid 15th century

Restoration began in 1840

Restoration ends in 1890

Decorated with frescoes in 1910

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Gothic, Norwegian, Fortress, Bergen, Norway, 13th Century

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