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Fermín Toro High School, Caracas, Venezuela (1943)

Artist/Designer: Cipriano Domínguez

Project Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Figure 1 ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2023 )
Figure 2: Floor plan ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2023 )
Figure 3: Courtyard ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2023 )
Figure 4: Exterior ( Source | Accessed : April 16, 2023 )


Primary Material(s):
Glass, Concrete


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Significant Date(s):
1940-1949, 1943, 1946, 2010-2019, 2017

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:
Fraser, Valerie. "Venezuela." In Building the New World: Studies in the Modern architecture of Latin America 1930-1960, 87-144. London: Verso Books, 2001.

Additional Information:
The high school was founded in 1936. It is a public high school and was named for Venezuelan writer Fermín Toro.
The architect, Cipriano Domínguez, studied with Le Corbusier in the early 1930s.
Many left-wing thoughts have been taught at this school, making its political history interesting.

Project Description:
There are three wings of the school and does not follow Le Corbusier's five points ethos. There are broad corridors and stairwells, internal courtyards, and gardens, leaving the school to have a lot of light and ventilation.

Building Address:
Capitolio, Caracas 1073,
Distrito Capital, Venezuela

Supporting Designers/Staff:

Significant Dates:
1943 - Construction began
1946 - Construction ended
2017 - Parts of the school were rehabilitated

Associated Projects:
Simón Bolivar Center Towers, Caracas, Venezuela

Modern, School, Caracas, Venezuela

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