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Deoksugung Palace (1592)*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: Seoul, South Korea

Figure 1: Interior of Junghwajeon Hall, the main hall of Deoksugung Palace. Digital Image ( Source | Accessed : April 8, 2014 )
Figure 2: Colourful door at Deoksugung Palace. Digital Image ( Source | Accessed : April 8, 2014 )
Figure 3: Patterned ceilings of Deoksugung Palace. Digital Image. ( Source | Accessed : April 8, 2014 )


Primary Material(s):

Government, Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
15th Century

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print-

Chu, Myŏng-dŏk, Wŏn Kim, and Ŭng-sik Im. 1900. Korean Architecture. Seoul: Kwang Jang Press, 1900.

Hoon, Shin Young. The Royal Palaces of Korea: Six Centuries of Dynastic Grandeur (Hardback). Singapore: Stallion Press, 2008.

Kim, Tong-uk, Gregory A Tisher, and Song-hyun Lim. History of Korean architecture. Suwon-si : University of Kyonggi Press, 2013.

Additional Information

Building Address

99 Sejong-daero, Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Significant dates
Became Main Royal palace by 1592
King Gwanghaegun was crowned in this palace in 1608
Renamed as Gyeongun-gung (경운궁) in 1611
Became auxillary palace and renamed Seogung (West Palace) 1618
Returned to by Emperor Gojong and re-named Gyeongun-gung in 1897
Renamed to Deoksugung in 1919

Supporting Designers/Staff
Western-style garden designed by G.R Harding

Korea, South Korea, Korean Royalty, Royal Palaces, Government, Residential Structure

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