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Russian Classroom Interior (2006)*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: Russia

Figure 1: Classroom Interior. Source: Benedicte, Russian Classroom. 2006, Digital Image. Available from Flickr. ( Source | Accessed : November 11, 2013 )
Figure 2: Classroom Interior. Source: Tif Photography, My Classroom. 2007, Digital Image. Available from Flickr.
( Source | Accessed : November 11, 2013 )

No Style/Period Assigned.

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21st Century

Additional Information:
Project Description:
As impossible as it is to designate the average or stereotypical classroom of any given country, it is helpful to have a representative, traditional example. These two different classroom show some familiar characteristics of a Soviet-era (and modern-day) Russian classroom: large windows, desks in three columns, small multi-use space in the back. Windows are often covered with regular household curtains (usually bought by parents or picked out by the teacher, so they vary in color from room to room) to regulate the amount of available daylight. Potted plants are a common decoration. The classroom is a family-like atmosphere, but is nevertheless a place for serious study. During breaks between classes, students are encouraged to play and socialize in the hallways and other large open spaces outside the classroom.

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