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“Bed and Sofa (Tret’ia Meshchanskaia)” Interior (1927)

Artist/Designer: Abram Room, Sergei Iutkevich, Viktor Shklovsky, Grigorii Giber, Lenfilm

Project Location: Moscow, Russia

Figure 1: Liuda and Kolia's Apartment ( Source | Accessed : February 24, 2022 | Photographer: Mosfilm 1927 )

No Style/Period Assigned.

Primary Material(s):
Ceramic, Fabric, Textile, Wood, Wall Paper, Paper, Light, Electronics, Plants, Water

Residential Structure, Entertainment, Film/TV Set

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Significant Date(s):
1920, 1927

Additional Information:
Publications/Texts in Print:
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Other films include Ermler's Katka's Reinette Apples (Kat'ka-bumazhnyi ranet, 1926), Mark Donskoi's In the Big City (V bol'shom gorode, 1927), and Barnet's The House on Trubnaia (Dom na Trubnoi,1928).

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Building Address: Moscow, Russia

Significant Dates: Released on March 15, 1927. Made in mid- to late 1920s.

Supporting Staff/ Designers: Abram Room (director and writer), Viktor Shklovsky (formalist theorist/ co-writer), Sergei Iutkevich (set designer), Grigorii Giber (camera operator), and produced by Sovikno Studio

Tags: Soviet cinema, contemporary Moscow, silent film, Soviet housing problem, Soviet fiction film, aesthetic economy

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