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Product – Material: Barrisol Stretch Ceilings (1967-2018)*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: United States

Figure 1: Barrisol Stretch Ceilings. Digital Images. Available from Barrisol USA
Figure 2: Barrisol Stretch Ceilings. Digital Images. Available from Barrisol USA


Primary Material(s):

Retail Store, Hospitality

Related Website(s):

Significant Date(s):
20th Century, 21st Century, 1967

Additional Information:
Project Description:
Barrisol is a stretch ceiling technology designed and made in France since the 1970's. It has been used in locations such as The Museum of Modern Art's Spring Street book store as well as the Paramount Hotel Lobby Ceiling designed by Philippe Starck.

Publications/Texts in Print:
Bell, Michael and Craig Buckley. Permanent Change: Plastics in Architecture and Engineering. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2014.

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Significant Dates:
1967- Company was founded by Fernand Scherrer.
1975- First patent registration of stretch ceiling and creation of the Barrisol brand.

Barrisol, stretch ceiling, ceiling applications, PVC, plastic, ceiling design

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