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Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan (1929)*

Artist/Designer: Sir Edwin Lutyens

Project Location: Delhi, India

Figure 1: Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan. Source: India Today Archive. 2013, Digital Image. ( Source | Accessed : April 7, 2014 )
Figure 2: Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan. Source: Hindustan Times. August 14, 2009, Digital Image. ( Source | Accessed : April 7, 2014 )
Figure 3: Ashoka Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan. Source: FirstPost India. January 2013, Digital Image. ( Source | Accessed : April 7, 2014 )

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Primary Material(s):
Stone, Steel, Brick


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Significant Date(s):
20th Century

Additional Information:
Further Reading: The Dome of Rashtrapati Bhavan : The official home of the President of India. Source: Available from: (accessed April 7, 2014).

Publications/Texts in Print-

Gopalakrishnan, Sudha, Yashaswini Chandra, and Dinesh Khanna. 2 Life at Rashtrapati Bhavan. New Delhi: Publications Division, M/O Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India, 2016.

Mitter, Partha, Naman P. Ahuja, and Joginder Singh. The Arts and Interiors of Rashtrapati Bhavan: Lutyens and Beyond. New Delhi : Publications Division, Government of India, 2016.

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Additional Information

Building Address

Rashtrapati Bhawan, President's Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110004, India

Significant Dates

4000 acres of land acquired for project between 1911-1916.
Lobbying for fixing of road in front of place by both architects in 1914.
Renamed President's House on 26 January 1950.

Supporting Designers/Staff
Associate Architect: Herbert Baker (9 June 1862 – 4 February 1946)

India, Baroque Revival, Vernacular Architecture, British Architect, Indian Royal Palaces, Indian Architecture.

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