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University Seminar Room, University of Toledo*

Artist/Designer: Designer Unknown

Project Location: Toledo, Ohio, United States

Figure 1: University Seminar Room. Digital Image. Available from The University of Toledo. ( Source | Accessed : November 11, 2013 )


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No Primary Material Assigned.


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Significant Date(s):
21st Century

Additional Information:
Project Description:
A seminar room like this one is usually distinguished by having a large table around which chairs are arranged, board-room style. The instructor or discussion leader typically sits at the head of the table. Seminar rooms are intended for holding seminars, or small discussion-based classes, usually for advanced students with a certain level of commitment to the subject. Because seminars can meet for three or so hours at a time, the chairs may be better cushioned than those in a standard classroom. When not in use for classes, seminar rooms are commonly used for faculty meetings, small receptions, etc.

Publications/Texts in Print:
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Building Address:
2801 W Bancroft St, Toledo, OH 43606
The United States

Classroom, education, school, education design, University of Toledo

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