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Surging Wave Pavilion(Canglang Ting), Jiang Su, China (1044)

Artist/Designer: Su Sunqi

Project Location: China

Figure 1: The pavilions and continued corridors of the garden ( Source )
Figure 2: The garden is named by the pavilion where crispy water sound can be heard ( Source )
Figure 3: The boundary of the garden is surrounded with river ( Source )
Figure 4: Plan of Surging Wave Pavilion ( Source )
Figure 5: Moon gate of the garden ( Source )
Figure 6: "Cui Ling Long" Living room for visiting guests ( Source )
Figure 7: decorative window ( Source )

Classical, Traditional

Primary Material(s):
Wood, Plants, Brick, Tile

Garden, Residential Structure

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Significant Date(s):
11th Century

Additional Information:
The Canglang Pavilion was built in 1044 CE by the Song dynasty poet Su Shunqin (1008–1048), on the site of a pre-existing imperial flower garden c 960 CE. It is the oldest of the UNESCO gardens in Suzhou, keeping its original Song dynasty layout. The name is derived from a verse in the poem Fishermen by Qu Yuan (ca. 340 BCE-278 BCE), a poet from the southern state of Chu during the Warring States period, in his book Songs of the South, "If the Canglang River is dirty I wash my muddy feet; If the Canglang River is clean I wash my ribbon". This verse alludes to an honest official who removes himself from politics rather than act in a corrupt manner. Su Shunqing choose this to express his feelings after his removal from office.

The garden owned by Zhang and Gong families after Su Sunqi in Song Dynasty(960-1279). Monk Wen Ying renovated the garden in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In Qing dynsty (1644-1911), it belongs to a provincial officer, Song Nao, who repaired the pavilion. After China established in 1949, the garden is managed by Suzhou landscape administration bureau and open to the public.

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Building Address: No.3 Canglangting Street in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Significant Dates: Pavilion Construction 1044 C.E.

Supporting Staff/ Designers:

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